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Copying data from a VARIANT (or ADO database read access)

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 15:13



I'm trying to read a value from an Access database during an InstallScript only based InstallShield installer.


I've already retrieved the value, but with the code I have, the value (which is of type VARIANT) is only available while the ADO recordset is open. I'm writing a helper routine to retrieve these values, and would prefer to close the recordset before returning the value for use by a function caller.


szADORecordSetObjID = "ADODB.Recordset";
set pADORecordSetObj = CreateObject(szADORecordSetObjID);

// Set some ADO Recordset properties 
pADORecordSetObj.CursorType = 3;
pADORecordSetObj.ActiveConnection = pADOConnObj;

// Use the recordset to run Query and retrieve single result

varResult = pADORecordSetObj(0);

// varResult is available here. From my understanding it is basically just a pointer.

pADORecordSetObj.Close(); // and now the result is gone :<

return varResult; // therefore this won't work

I'm working from a codebase that already does this, but it did not close the recordset before returning. This gets the value returned, but leaves an open recordset! :o


Any suggestions? I'm looking now for a way to copy the value from the VARIANT, but another method for getting the database value would be fine, too.


Thanks in advance for any help!


- Everett


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Posted 14 May 2014 - 15:38

Bah, I wish I would have thought of this earlier. I used Sprintf to create a string from the VARIANT value. Doesn't handle all db types but this worked in my case.