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Internal Error

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Donald Bristol

Donald Bristol
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Posted 10 January 2002 - 19:54

Is there any issue with applying a patch created in IS DEV 7.02 to a local install compressed project created in ISWI 2.03?
I'm receiving the following error [Internal Failure, error number :0x80040703] then an {Internal Error2247.,,} when I attempted to apply such a patch.

The patch was created in ISDEV 7.02  without any errors.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated, because I have a dead-line for this project.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 11 January 2002 - 12:48

Yes, there are several problems.
ISD has some problems with updates/patches. See the ISD bugs bulletin, maybe one of them applies to your situation.
In addition there's a problem with updating a setup that was installed with MSI 1.x runtime (as in ISWI 2.x) with a setup that was created with MSI 2.0 runtime (as in ISD) because the database schema changed.
To find out more I suggest to create a log file.