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win 3.11 Register Setup Files

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Posted 10 May 2001 - 12:56


i´ve got inst. shield 6.2 prof. edit.
i want to use a project built on an earlier version (5.5?).
in the register: "Setup Files" where you see the different languages advanced files and the splash screen. the operating systems too. instead of showing an entry with win 3.11 there are only cryptic letters.
the entries are:
-Language Independent
-Operating System Independent
-Cryptic letter (signs)                      !!!!!!!!!
-Windows9x,ME,NT 4.0 and 2000

can anyone help? thanks


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Posted 10 May 2001 - 13:06

hab die lösung schon gefunden!
in der ipr datei die letzte 1 in os...=0000....1

hab die lösung hier auf diesen seiten gefunden

trotzdem danke