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Setup has killed Office

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Posted 25 February 2002 - 20:02

During the installation of our Setup (developed with InstallShield Developer 7.0/7.02) error messages already occurred at the beginning of the Setup.  Unfortunately these error messages were not noted.  The errors occurred obviously already during the configuration of the Windows Installer.  After termination of the Setup no more Office programs could be started.  Also a reboot of the computer led
to no success.

For instance: when starting Word the following error message is output (translated from German to English):  " this application program must be installed, so that it can be executed.
Execute the Setup of the place, of that you application
originally installed. "  Subsequently, Word is terminated
automatically.  This applies to all Office programs.

The computer is equipped as follows:  
Windows 2000 SP 2, Hotfix (Pre-SP3)
Office 2000 SR1

The Setup was created with IS 7,0. The Developer was
updated on 7.02 and the project was compiled again.

How can I avoid/solve this problem.  I am grateful for each advice!!!!

Thanks  a lot!!!!!


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Posted 01 March 2002 - 16:42

I've also encountered this problem, and in my case, I think it was due to the uninstall of my program removing more than I intended.

The only way I've been able to fix it is to reinstall the program that is generating an error (in your case, MS Office).

I've prevented it from happening again by making any components I'm installing in the system directory permanent.  I'm probably doing something wrong, but I haven't had luck with using the Shared attribute so it will keep track of whether it should remove a particular file on uninstall.