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Can't run same Install twice...

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Posted 06 March 2002 - 18:23

I wrote an Install that will be a Service pack for 2 of our products:  Gold and Silver.

When the user updates one of the products and completes successfully...They might need to run it again to update the other.
BUT.....When they double-click on the setup.exe again, the Modify / Repair / Remove window comes up.

How do I do this?
.::Travis Mixon::.


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Posted 14 March 2002 - 16:49

First, edit the OnMaintenance dialog so that it changes the options to something like "Add another service pack, repair existing pack, and Uninstall".

Then edit your OnMaintUIBefore function so that the first two options call another function that allows the user to pick the service pack to be installed or repaired.  Finally, add a jump to the end on the maintenance function for when the call to your other function returns.

It will take a bit of actual programming, but it can be done relatively smoothly.