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Must IDE be run as Administrator?

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Posted 26 October 2001 - 02:31

I have found that InstallShield Developer 7 doesn't work  in Win2000 unless I run it as Administrator.  When I try to run it as another user, I see a Windows Installer dialog which says "preparing to install", and then I see an error dialog which says "MSG_ERROR_NOT_ADMIN".  (It's a real pain because these two dialogs keep reappearing even if I click "cancel").

Is it true that I cannot run ISD7 except as Administrator?  Has anybody else been able to run it as another user?

I had a similar problem with InstallShield (Windows Installer Edition) 2.03 before upgrading to Developer 7, but I did not pursue the problem.


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Posted 30 October 2001 - 12:35

Even the old IS5 needs to run with local admin rights on a NT/2k.. machine.