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Using string tables in Merge Modules

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Posted 23 January 2002 - 14:33

I'm trying to localize a shortcut entry in the Start-Menue,
but I'm experiencing the following problem:

- In Project Properties at Setup Languages I have chosen two languages
- As a consequence I have a string table for each of the selected language.
- My problem now is that in Releases I can't select a second language at  "UI Sprachen/UI Languages", although a list is offered to me.
- When I build the setup/merge module only one language is created  (output of the build-process)
- As a consequence after the installation the created shortcuts in the Start-Menue are not localized.

Help is appreciated,



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Posted 09 April 2002 - 00:32


I have the same problem.  I want to localize a shortcut from the merge module without having to write a custom DLL that creates the shortcut.

Have you had any luck?


Eric Gentry

Martin Bohring

Martin Bohring
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Posted 12 April 2002 - 13:32

Hello Frank,
to my knowledge it still not possible to create multi language
merge modules with any tool except orca.
So you are out of luck for know.
Sometimes creating setups is like creation of the universe. 7 days and you have to bring in [i]everything[(i]