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Package Code Changed

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Posted 15 December 2006 - 11:07

Hi All

I am using IS7 SP4

I have created two releases for my product configuration viz
1. Application.msi
2. Setup.exe
I have set the product version as 1.00.0000 and in Procuct Configuration tab i have selected Yes for Genarate Package Code Column.

I have installed this application with double clicking on Application.msi file and the application is installed perfectly.

Now if i Change the product version as 1.10.0000 and again build the release Application.msi and try to install the version 1.10.0000 with Genarate Package Code set to yes by double clicking the windows installer pops up Error Message Box (screen shot attached) saying another version of this product is allready installed. To configure or remove the exisisting version use Add/Remove Programs..

Is it possible to install the Application.msi by double clicking with product version changed and Package code genarated(changed), over older version??
I am not able to do this. Please help me out....
this is urgent...

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 15 December 2006 - 17:45

This is by design and exactly the expected behaviour. You are installing a minor update, so you need to run it with
msiexec.exe /i your.msi REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=ALL