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How do you call a Dialog from a InstallScript

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Posted 08 August 2001 - 14:41

I created a custom Dialog with only two buttons: Continue & Exit.  
How can I call this Dialog box using scripts?

I tried res = MsiDoAction(hMSI,"NameOfDialog"); with ERROR_SUCCESS; but the dialog does not appear.
What am I missing?

Is there a message box function (like AskYesNo) that I can create my own buttons (without having Back|Next|Cancel)?


Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 09 August 2001 - 09:36

You can delete back next and cancel using the IDE.   MSI wizard pages are simple dialogs not wizard(property) pages.

Unfortunately later versions of ISWI insist on put that branding line on which is trickier to remove.

A limited range of error and information boxes can be created using MsiProcessMessage