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Admin rules prevent installation

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Posted 05 June 2002 - 08:04

A user of my installation package is recieving an error along the lines of 'The Administrator has setup/issued rules preventing the installation' when he attempts to install my product.

Does anyone have an idea where to look to find out what policies the administrator could have configured ? I'm guessing some kind of blocking in group policy, but cannot find it.


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Posted 25 July 2002 - 14:43

from the SDK...

If the value of this per-machine system policy is set to "2" the installer is always disabled for all applications.

If this policy value is set to "0", any other number, or is absent, the installer is always enabled.

If this policy value is set to "1", the installer is disabled for non-managed applications but is still enabled for managed applications. This setting does allow an application to be advertised to all users of a machine, but does not allow an application to be advertised to the current user.

Registry Key

Data Type

as exported from a WinXP system...

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00