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Msi Package Re-installs unless users is Admin

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Posted 27 June 2002 - 21:27

This problem only seems to happen with packages that we have created with the Veritas Discover program. We have packages made for programs such as Winzip, Acrobat, Vscan...etc. Running XP Pro on the clients.

When a user logs into the computer and clicks on the program the Windows Installer runs and the progress bar goes through its thing. The program then opens and the user can use it but if they close the program and reopen it the Windows Installer starts again and reinstalls the program. If I elevate the user to a Domain or Local Admin the user does not have this problem. After setting up Logging I found that there are certain files that are trying to be written to the Windows and System32 directories\subdirectories and the standard users do not have rights to these locations.

How can I make these packages work without giving the users Admin rights?



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Posted 26 July 2002 - 15:53

this post looks familiar and i think it might have been answered in another forum so i will only briefly respond here...

it sounds like you might have captured more then just the application info.

a quick fix might be to install with elevated privledges to al users...