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how to hide feature

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Posted 12 June 2002 - 11:31

I need some help here with the following:
I have a dialog that has 2 pushbuttons, each one of then offer a different installation type. what I would like to do is to hide features that are irrelevant to the type of installation that was choose. for example - pressing on a pushbutton of "example" would cause hiding the irrelevant features that this type of installation does not need. what is the best way of doing that?.


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Posted 12 June 2002 - 19:53

The dialog with the push buttons would need to be called before the custom setup dialog. If you are using basic project, then each button will set a property. For each of the features that you want to control, set a condition that will set the Install Level to 0 based on the property.

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Posted 12 June 2002 - 21:29

Thanks for you reply, that's exactly what i did, i created a dialog, with 2 push buttons, and that dialog is before the custom dialog, and each push button had a different property, and i am using the condition table as follow:
feature1 level=0 condition - propertyA
feature2 level=0 condition propertyB

but then when i run the setup, it still show both features, any ideas what to do next?

Stefan Secker

Stefan Secker
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Posted 13 June 2002 - 14:39


I tried something similar, and as far as i understood it, and
from what i tried, there's no way to hide feature if the UI
sequence has already started. :(

Feature conditioning will not work, because these conditions
are only checked once during the CostFinalize action before
the UI comes in AFAIK.

A deselect is possible though by using the Add and Remove
Control events on the next button of the dialog.
Take a look to a similar thread in the BASIC MSI forum.

Only chance to hide features is a pre-installation MSI IMO.
You could pass settings from the first one based on user input
to a second (maybe nested, i don't know in detail) MSI which
could hide some features depending on the passed values
right before the UI starts.
But this was too much effort for me to do this, so i just don't
hide features but deselect them, and check wether the
selection does make sense on click of the Next button of the
custom setup dialog. ???