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Error 1324

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Leigh Ravenhall

Leigh Ravenhall
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Posted 20 April 2001 - 02:20

Attempting to run my installation on a WinNT machine, I receive the error "Error 1324.The path Program Files contains an invalid character."  Looking through the log file, this is occuring during the costFinalize action.

Shouldn't program files be a system defined thing, therefore (hopefully), error free.  Also, I don't refer to Program Files anywhere within the project.  (I know, not best practice).

Finally, this installation runs perfectly on a Win2K machine.

I have tried deleting the Program Files row from the directory table using Orca, but this didn't help.

Any other suggestions?

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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 20 April 2001 - 06:35

Is this a project you converted from ISWI 1.5 to IPWI 2.x? In this case I guess the conversion wizard forgot to convert some <> to [] for directory entries.

The easiest way to find the problem might be to open the msi file in Orca and use its search capability to examine all occurrances of Program Files