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Posted 06 November 2001 - 14:19

I have some code developed in IS5.5 for installing COM+ servers. The programmer used to call the MSIexec with the file exported from the COM+

something like this....
_LaunchAppEx("msiexec.exe /i ",SUPPORTDIR+"\\wire.msi /qn INSTALLDIR=\""+INSTALLDIR+"\"",WAIT,SW_HIDE,-1,nResult);

Using IS7 do i need to do the same thing, or things have been made easier. DO i still need to export the component and keep it in the support directory.

How do i register it as a COM+ application. I tried the Launch Component Wizars and chose the DCOM/COM+ option, but the dll does not seem to get registered as a COM+ application , when i view the Component SErvices Manager.

Any  help or reference to information regarding COM+ registeration would b egreatly appreciated.

Am I on the rite track?



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Posted 07 November 2001 - 11:58

Things are certainly no easier.  I have experienced problems with nested installs for COM+ apps.  See the thread below COM+ MSI Package