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savedState errors when cancelling installation

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Posted 17 June 2004 - 15:53

I have a VS 2003 .NET setup project with multiple custom actions in
both the install and rollback phase. Some of these custom actions
allow the user to cancel the installation (by throwing an
InstallException) in which case a rollback will occur.

The problem is that due to the premature cancellation of the
installation, some of the install custom actions are never executed,
thus when the corresponding rollback CAs are called, the savedState
file cannot be located and an error message about missing savedState
files is being displayed for each of those custom actions.

Is there any mechanism in VS 2003 .NET for calling the rollback()
method only on those classes for which install() had previously been
called? Or alternatively, is there a way to suppress these annoying
error messages about missing savedState files? Any help would be
greatly appreciated ...


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Posted 19 August 2004 - 11:04

Yeah.. they are pretty nasty ones. Make sure that the assemblies are SNed. Also ensure that the MsiAssembly and the MsiAssemblyName for all these assemblies have been correctly populated. Orca should help you in all this. I havent had much success with the VS Installer on these but InstallShield DevStudio or X offers much more control over the contents going in to these directories. But on the flip side, you would not be able to control the destination of the dependent assemblies that have been detected.