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Validation errors - ICE30

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Posted 13 April 2001 - 13:38

I keep getting the following error:

ICE30WarningThe target file '0.gif' might be installed in '[ProgramFilesFolder]\ULTRAG~1\IIS\aw\icons\ACCESS~1\' by two different conditionalized components on an SFN system: 'ISWI_DEFAULTCOMPONENT_2.21215321_65F2_4362_88B7_6B47AD7C191B' and 'ISWI_DEFAULTCOMPONENT_3.21215321_65F2_4362_88B7_6B47AD7C191B'. If the conditions are not mutually exclusive, this will break the component reference counting system.http://dartools/iceman/ice30.htmlFileFileF28083_0.gif.21215321_65F2_4362_88B7_6B47AD7C191B

I have three directories all with a long filename, differing only in one character, namely:

This corresponds to the following short names(respectively to the earlier mentioned long names) on my disk:

Validation seems to be complaining about the fact that some files will get installed into the same directory twice, while in reality the directories differ in 1 character, and hence the files are written to different directories.

How can I make sure my msm passes this validation test?


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Posted 17 April 2001 - 23:30

You may find that the ICE is actually complaining about two file names that exist in separate folders where the short file name of each file is resolving to the same thing.

For example, if you have a file named 'somekindofpattern.dat' in your folder accesspattern and another file named 'somekindofotherpattern.dat' in accesspattern2, then the local name for each file, *within the specified folder*, would be someki~1.dat.  If your packager has resolved the filenames in this way, then the msi package may be thinking (by short file name) that the same file is being placed in two different locations by two different components.

I had to overcome this problem in my custom packager by constraining the packager to use short file names only once ... i.e., if the name had already been used, increment the name count again.

Another potential problem is when you are dealing with identical file names (long file names) in different folders.  Depending on how your packager generates the File column entries in the File Table, you can get duplicates.  This causes a similar error message.  In my packager, I add sufficient information from the path to ensure that the entries are unique (and still 'legible').