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Confused!!..Install location Change

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Posted 13 January 2002 - 20:03

I hope someone can help....

I set the ROOTDRIVE property to e:\ and the application still installs on the drive where the current Program Files reside - d:\. According to the SDK, TARGETDIR will take the value ROOTDRIVE if not previously defined. TARGETDIR indeed appears to have the value of e:\ during the install, yet it seems to be ignored!...I run a couple of applications and tried setting both with ROOTDRIVE and both act the same way. I guess the apps are someway designed to only install in the system root. How can one tell if this is the case by looking at properties??. The directory table is using TARGETDIR as the installroot, parent directory???

Thanks in advance...


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Posted 16 January 2002 - 02:51

If your product is already installed on the machine and if the uninstallation was not clean, then this might happen. If uninstallation is not clean and if some registry entries for components under Installer\UserData\Sid\ still have the path pointing to d:\ drive, then SetTargetPath() will fail to change the destination location. This is documented in the MSI help in SetTargetPath.

Hope this helps.


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Posted 10 December 2010 - 15:52

Hello! I can confirm, the topic of the issue described above. I even tried to use an empty Wise template, just adding a file and then set the property ROOTDRIVE in the Property table as well tried to initialize in the command line. Both did not work.

I checked the log, funnywise the value for ROOTDRIVE is set to the one provided over the command line or the table Property but although it is not working!!!