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"Change destination folder " dialog problem

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Posted 14 August 2001 - 13:56

I'm stuck with such a problem
I have some user dialogs where user has to insert folder path into edit field.
It is not comfortable, so I decided to add browse button near the edit field,
which is open “Change destination folder” dialog.
For this purpose I copied InstallChangeFolder standard dialog
(export from other empty project, after this import to my project).
After this I changed in this dialog all properties name from _BrowseProperty1 to _BrowseProperty2,
and initialized property _BrowseProperty2=”c:\” in the Property Manager.
Finally on the run time when I click on “Browse” button and suppose to receive the “Change destination folder” dialog
I receive “Internal Error 2343” (“Specified path is empty.”)
Do you have any ideas ?
Thank you, in advance.