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onclick, update textfield

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Posted 08 July 2002 - 19:39

hi there,

i'm used to coding with windows IDEs where one can handle events such as onclick and onmouseover etc.  I seem to be having trouble getting installshield to respond to button clickings.  What I'm trying to do is trigger an action after I click a button (ie update a text area).  Has anyone had any luck trying this?  I would prefer not to use installscript, but will consider it if it would help my situation (as opposed to making it worse).  Thanks in advance.


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Posted 30 July 2002 - 21:55

If you want to execute any action after clicking on any MSI dialog button, then use Events. Select a dialog in the Dialogs view, select Behavior, select a button, select the Events tab and add to it something like this:
Event         DoAction
Argument    [YourCustomAction]
Condition     1

This condition means to execute always, you can use another condition like PROP1<>"Yes".

Good luck,
Irina Shirinsky
Software Engineer, Heroix Corporation