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About features

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Posted 23 July 2003 - 18:28

Hello, I am working with InstallShield Express and I have found a problem: I have an application with features and subfeatures that they have the same name but they are in differents levels and InstallShield Express doesn't permit to name subfeatures with the same name. For exemple:

* cub3d----->bin
* ----->datos---->demo--->calado---->ok1
* ----->defecto-->calado
* -->datos
* -->malla
* -->visual
* ----->malla---->mm----->demo1
* ----->prueba
* ---->ok------->demo----->mat
* ------>prueba

Is there a form to solve this problem?

I will be grateful for helping me as soon as you can.

Thank you, it is very import for me

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 24 July 2003 - 20:34

The (internal) feature names must be unique. However you should be able tto specify the display names you wish (which are even localizable using the string table)