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Some IDE weird behaviours

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Posted 19 February 2001 - 19:15


I experienced some strange behaviours with the ISWI 2.01 IDE.

(Note I'm waiting for my company to receive the complete release of ISWI ;-( , and thus I work with the demo version).

So the problems are :
   - I cannot debug InstallScript, whereas I could once
   - In the release wizard, the features aren't displayed in the 'custom compress' list anymore (the final result is quite confusing, some of the features are compressed, and some aren't... )
   - I cannot debug  through the MSI debugger. But had I uninstalled something I shouldn't ?

My project is getting larger and larger (almost 250 components, more than 1000 files)

I tried with older and smaller (created for test) projects, the IDE behaves the same way.

The point is that it USED to work.



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Posted 29 March 2001 - 18:11

These problems are probably related to not having the full version.