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Setup.ini CmdLine ignored

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 16:54

I am wanting to have users be able to run the Setup.exe install to do any minor upgrades of our program. Currently, you get the error "Another version of this product is already installed...." After doing some searching in the forums, it appears that the fix is to use the REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=ALL options. But, I don't want to have the user to figure this out and run the Setup.exe with these command line options. So, I am trying to add these options to the Setup.ini. But, it appears that the Setup.exe is ignoring these options in the setup.ini file. It gets the same error. If I run setup.exe with these options by specifying them on the command line, then it appears to work ok. Basically, the CmdLine in the Setup.ini does not seem to be applied.

Below is my Setup.ini. I am creating the installer using VS.NET 2003. Any ideas on this problem?

CmdLine= REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=ALL /L*v install.log





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Posted 25 June 2005 - 14:25

Not an issue any more. Determined this is not what I wanted to do anyway. If you always run the Setup.exe with the REINSTALL parameters, then it will not install correctly the first time on a user's computer. It appears that I would only want to use these parameters if the product was already installed. So, instead now I am using a different Setup launcher program that can determine if already installed or not. It will install as normal if product is not installed. If product is already installed, it will determine this and then pass the REINSTALL mode parameters to msiexec.

This works better than bringing up the error that user needs to go to Control Panel to Add/Remove, but still brings up the Repair dialog. It would be nice to get around the Repair dialog, just want to have a way that a user can do a maintenance install using the same install program.