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Error -6118

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Posted 13 February 2002 - 23:38

When building a setup with some custom dialogs I get this set of messages (near the end):

Built 15 dialogs into resource file: _ISUser1033.rc
Building RES file: _ISUser1033.res
**Error: -6118: The Resource compiler failed to build the RES file "C:\...\_ISUser1033.res" required to link the DLL.
Resolving strings...

I am using ISDev 7.02. Any suggestions are welcome



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Posted 14 February 2002 - 20:07

I was able to resolve this. Here's how:

1) I exported the dialogs to a resource file by right-clicking on the "All Dialogs" folder (from the dialogs tree) and selecting "Export Dialogs to Resource script".
2) I tried to open the resource file in Visual Studio. I got an error about a file not found, with a line number. At that line number, was a file reference in the "Bitmaps" section. It was referencing a bitmap that had no path.
3) Using the ID for the bitmap, I searched the RC file and found it related to the "SdFinishReboot" dialog. I thought this was very odd, since I don't remember changing anything about that dialog.
4) I went to that dialog, checked the bitmap control, and sure enough, the filename property was blank.
5) I opened a new project, went to the "SdFinishReboot" dialog (it was okay), and copied the path from the bitmap control on the dialog. I went back to my project, pasted in the path, and BINGO!... it compiled correctly.

Hopefully, this approach will help others with this same problem...