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Launching custom action when file is installed

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Posted 04 March 2006 - 07:55

I would like to know how to execute a custom action only when a particular file is decided to be copied by the MSI(after version check for any existing instance of the binary).
To be precise, i want to install 3 binaries. The binaries installed by this MSI is never uninstalled. Upon next installation, when MSI decides it is installing a higher version, i want to execute a custom action to do certain tasks. Which custom action should i use and where should i sequence it ? Also if i need to know the new version of the binary being installed, is there a way to get the same in the custom action DLL code ?

Thanks in advance.


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Posted 10 March 2006 - 22:34

There is a specific syntax you can use in conditional statements on your custom action(s) to check the status of components and features that may allow you to do what you want. This syntax is described in the Windows Installer SDK Help under the topic "Conditional Statement Syntax".

If you enable MSI verbose logging you will also be able to see the states of the components and features in the log file to make sure this syntax is working (or not) as expected.