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Posted 04 August 2003 - 20:20


I am Using Basic MSI Project.
All the screens have the cancel button, when we click
on the cancel button, cancelsetup dialog is brought up.
When i click on yes on it, setupinterputted dialog is shown.

What I want is to exit from the installer when "yes" button is
pressed from Cancelsetup dialog.I wanted to prevent the SetupInterrupted dialog being shown.



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Posted 06 August 2003 - 08:21

I have had a look through the Windows Installer documentation, and I am not sure if this is possible.

It states that you must have a user interface sequence of -2 which correponds to the dialog that is shown when an the cancel setup 'yes' is pushed. If you remove this -2 value, then i dont think that ANY error messages will be shown, and also the install could fail.

Do you have a specific requirement to remove this extra dialog? If no then I would just keep the current setup.