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MSDE Installation Unsuccessful!!!!!!!!

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Posted 28 April 2002 - 18:33

My custom application is a two-tier system with VB as presentation layer and MSDE as Data layer. I am trying to merge MSDE MSM’s into my custom application.
I am facing the following problems

1. I used Visual Studio Installer to merge 25 MSM files of MSDE that shipped with the MSDE Service Pack 2 CD into my custom application to create MSI file. When I ran this MSI file, the installation process proceeded till Registering Type Libraries. After this, the entire installation rolled back and the installation failed. I am unable to figure out why the installation failed.
2. As another method, I merged all the 25 MSM files as said above and after that I modified the product language of the MSI File using Orca to 1033. The validation of this final MSI failed when I validated using the validate utility in Orca.
3. Whenever an error occurs, where does Windows Installer log the error? For example, for the above cases, where are the errors logged? What is the location for the log file of Windows Installer?
4. I tried another method for installing MSDE by merging the MSM files using Orca. “Merge conflict” errors were thrown, when the first MSM was merged itself and I could not proceed. Hence I have been unable to install MSDE in any of the above methods. Can you please help me with a step-by-step procedure to create installation program for MSDE?
5. How do we author the MSDE instance name and sa password?

Any small help in this regard is deeply appreciated.

Josh Luth

Josh Luth
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Posted 01 May 2002 - 19:56

I've found this site to be most helpful. I had many problems with earlier versions of the merge-mods but with Service Pack 2 they seem to work just fine for me. Im using ISWI 2.03. Good Luck.