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Posted 30 June 2009 - 10:06

First of all, I apologise for my complete lack of knowledge I am about to display.

I am trying to make a very basic installation at the moment - I have most of it done but I have a sticking point.

I want on my final dialog page (the "finished" page) to give the user the option by checkbox to show a readme file which will explain what else they need to do, because I have to include an installshield 9 installer which, while I would like to run this in my project, I believe running a newer version of an installshield installer in an older one can produce unexpected results.

So - as I have very little knowledge of installshield I have just used the wizard and got everything setup - it is installing all my files i require, which to be honest is pretty fantastic considering my level of experience. But now I want to modify the final dialog box - and I can't seem to find out how.

With a little digging, if I am understanding this correctly, What i am looking for is SdFinish dialog box and change that around a bit to SdFinishEx which means I can add a checkbox - get whether that is ticked or not and as my final action and I could use LaunchApp to run notepad with the file Readme.txt...

But I am guessing because I have used the installshield project wizard it has lumped all my after installation complete dialog boxes (the only one being the finish dialog box) into this function ShowObjWizardPages(). Again, if i am understanding this all correctly, has all my "finishing" code - and deals with the maintainance dialog boxes and all that processing code.

I literally just want a checkbox on my finish dialog box, and if it is checked to show a .txt file. Is this achievable fairly easily for a complete novice? To be honest I would be happy just throwing up the readme file regardless, no check box just do it. But i believe that needs the OnEnd() function - again I believe wrapped up in this ShowObjWizardPages? I would love dearly to be sent on a training course for all of this but we modify this application once every blue moon - and once I have finished this installer we don't plan to ever change it. I don't imagine we ever picture ourselves upgrading either...

Thanks in advance for any help! smile.gif


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Posted 30 June 2009 - 10:26

Found it! Of course I did literally seconds after posting this.

For those in future in my situation: There are two drop-down boxes just below the menu buttons.

Put the first one to After move data... then in the drop down box next to that you can select the functions you want to manipulate - just choose OnFirstUIAfter. This will create the function and the basics you need to work from there. Just add text to szOption1 (for example I just put the string "view readme" - this will automatically display the check box.

Then afterwards just check the value of bOpt1 - for that will tell if you the check box was checked or not (TRUE or FALSE). Then in there you can run what you need to display your txt file. Am about to experiment with that now - but certainly for the novice that suddenly makes a whole lot of sense (and makes you feel very, very blind).

I would add as well if i was going to do my second option (display the Readme regardless, no choice for the user) I would then use the "OnEnd()" function - which can be picked from the same location. Then again just run the code required to display a text file.

Cheers folks!

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