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when installing an upgrade...

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Posted 05 September 2003 - 17:47

hi, when i'm installing an upgrade, during the upgrade, should all custom actions associated with the "REMOVE ALL" condition be run before the upgrade actually happens?

This is what I"m guessing, but the behavior of my installer seems to suggest otherwise.

any help would be appreciated..


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Posted 15 September 2003 - 05:36

I dont think that REMOVE=ALL property will be set during an upgrade? So this means that no custom actions will be run that have this condition.


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Posted 07 October 2003 - 07:52

Theorizing here, not 100% sure, but I believe that if you are doing a major upgrade and hence uninstall the existing installation during the upgrade REMOVE is probably set equal to ALL for the product that is being removed while it is being silently uninstalled. In other words actions conditioned with REMOVE = "ALL" in the setup being uninstalled will probably run, but not actions conditioned with REMOVE = "ALL" in the upgrade you are installing.
-Stein Åsmul


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Posted 07 October 2003 - 08:20

The older product is uninstalled with the value for REMOVE, as set in the Remove column of the Upgrade table in the newer product.
If the Remove column is left empty, the older product is uninstalled with REMOVE=ALL.

If you want to detect whether your product is uninstalled because of a major upgrade, check the UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE property.