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Install Question

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Posted 10 July 2002 - 16:35

Our company has two copies of our product, Unicode and non-Unicode.  We currently have our installs built in InstallShield 5.5, but are interested in moving up to InstallShield Developer.

The problem I'm facing is that both verisons of our files have common file names, we can only tell them apart by file sizes.  A real pain.  
Now, I've played around with Developer, and it doesn't seem to like different files of the same name when it comes to building Merge Modules, even though they are two seperate installs.  

My question is, should I recommend that they alter their file names for the two products, or am I simply causing unnecessary work?



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Posted 15 July 2002 - 10:34

It's possible to include several files of the same name in one MSM. You have two versions - unicode and non-unicode (I'll call it Ansi from now on).
The problem is, that the windows installer service knows one destination directory for these different, but same named files and that ISWi/ISD builds exactly that directory structure on the distribution media. So two files of the same name would have to coexists in the same directory - that's impossible. The solution is an extra "Source"-folder:

1. You have to create two different components, one for the unicode version and one for the Ansi version of your file. Both have the same destination directory but need a different component GUID.
2. Then, these components have to get a condition (normally VersionNT for the unicode and Version9X for Ansi).
3. The Flag "Reevaluate Condition" should be set to "Yes" (Transitional component) to allow an automatic change of the file in case of an operating system update (Win9X to WinNT/2K/XP).
4. Set a source location for each component ("Unicode" and "Ansi" might be a good idea).
5. Now include your files to the corresponding components.

But I have to tell you that there is (at least with ISWi 1.52) a problem when using the "Extract at Build" feature for registration info. ISWi doesn't extract the reginfo twice - once for each component. It only extracts the info for one of the components and it isn't even the same component each build!! For me the only way out of this was to build two different MSMs - one for Unicode and another for Ansi. Not very nice, but it works. May be these problems are gone with ISD - I don't have it.