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Adding a huge directory structure

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Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes
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Posted 05 December 2001 - 17:11

I have a large set of resources that I'm trying to build into an MSI - it's about 2,700 files totalling 550 Mb in a directory tree of about 40 folders.

I've tried running the Component Wizard to add them manually but after about 5 minutes of flat-out thinking it always GPFs

I've tried spitting it at the top level of 3 sub directories but these still have enough in them to GPF wthe Wizard.

Short of tediously & manually creating components for all the folders, is there any better way of doing this?
(This is ISWI 2.01 BTW)


Michael Oerder

Michael Oerder
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Posted 06 December 2001 - 13:20

Hello Anthony,

I tried the same thing with ISWI 2.03. I added a directory structure with Component wizzard (...Add Folder).
The structure contained17600 files in 380 folders, 40MB total.
It took about 20 minutes to finish the wizzard on a Pentium III 500MHz machine with 256MBRam. There was no GPF.
I am not sure if the total size of your structure is the problem, but I know that some bugs in component wizzard have been fixed in V2.03.

You can check the release notes under
http://support.insta...tes.asp<p>Maybe an update to 2.03 will help.