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Catastrophic Failure

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Posted 14 February 2007 - 11:37

Hello, I've been using Installshield 6.2 for several years now and the setups I've created have not really changed to much over the years.

I've used these setups to install to various windows operating systems including windows XP and usually there has been no problem.

Recently however I've started seeing various errors including DoInstall Error and most recently

'Setup failed to launch installation engine: Catastrophic failure'

This only seems to happen on some machines but I've been unable to see a pattern and really haven't got a clue.

I did think for a while that it makes a difference if i compile my setup on a Windows 2000 machine, when it works and if compiled on an XP machine it doesn't work but even this doesn't seem to be true.

Do i just need my company to buy a new version of I.S.?

I suspect my problem is caused by new operating systems rather than installshield but any advice would be much appreciated.


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Posted 14 February 2007 - 12:50

I've now noticed that if I ensure my files are all included in the data.cab files the install seems to work.

If the files are not packaged in the data.cab files I sometimes get the error.

I'm guessing that some kind of security feature is objecting to one or more of the unpackaged files?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.