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Calling another IS Setup from within InstallScript

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Posted 01 February 2002 - 15:25


I am fairly new to InstallShield and would apreciate any help with the following problem

I am trying to run a setup from within a setup.  
If I try using LanunchAppAndWait I get the following Error:
1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime.

I have also tried DoInstall( ) but not quite sure how it works.  I point it to the location of the Setup.inx file but it never actually runs.  

Both setups were created using InstallShield developer 7.02


Chris Redfern


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Posted 01 February 2002 - 18:00

I've never run another 7.02 from a 7.02, but I have launched other installs made from InstallShield 6 from 7.02.

Maybe the two engines are clashing (?)

Can you move the 2nd install to run after the first one completes by using LaunchApp( ) as the last thing in OnEnd( ) ?  

You'll can probably use a global BOOL to keep track of whether you need to run the other install at the end or not (unless you're always going to run it, no matter what)