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Unable to apply patch

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Posted 13 March 2003 - 12:45


I created a patch of a Standard InstallShield 7.04 Installation for the first time, with no problems.

But when I tried to apply this patch, by executing the created Update.exe file, I received the following warning, after the "Preparing to Install" dialog: 1: This installation can not be run by directly launching the MSI package, you must run setup.exe

What does this warning mean, what setup.exe should I be running instead?

Note1: When creating the patch, the patch creation wizard created administrative images of both the previous package and the package which it is to be upgraded to.

Note2: I have also tried creating a patch without creating the patch launcher and applying the patch using the MSP file with the same results.

Thank you in advance,
Ian Frangs.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 14 March 2003 - 12:55

Are you sure you're using version 7.04? I'm asking because in 7.02 there was a known bug:


Error Messages When Applying a Patch


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Posted 17 March 2003 - 12:38

I am using Installshield Debeloper 7.04.
But i have solved this problem by creating un uncompressed install of the latest package and referring to this using the patch wizard.