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Retrieving rul files from Setup.inx

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Posted 03 March 2003 - 08:50

Hi to all,
given that:
"The RUL files are compiled into Setup.Inx, so they are not part of the CAB file anyway"
that is:
"is not possible to extract rul files (script code) from the media by ISCabViewer"

is there a way to return the original .rul files from the compiled Setup.Inx?
I'm not trying to steal script code from someone!
I have some old packages inherited from my predecessor, but not their project, that is he left me (for each project) the subtree starting form \Media\:

\Media\<b>\Log Files
\Media\<b>\Report Files
\Media\<b>\Disk Images
\Media\<b>\Disk Images\Disk1

<b> = media name

so from:
\Media\<b>\Disk Images\Disk1\data1.cab
I can retrieve components/groups organization by ISCabViewer and shell objects/registry set information too but I can't retrieve neither script file nor string table, skimming over string table, but I should like to take possession of script code!!!

Thanks to all,
ciao Giuseppe

P.S. x Stefan Krueger
I start a new topic (instead of reply your message) to give it more visibility

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 03 March 2003 - 15:58

This question has been asked before on here.  The last time, the guy had lost his source and wanted to decompile the setup back into the original source files.

Since this kind of stuff is a hack, and certainly unsupported by InstallShield, you'll just need to do a Google search to try and find something.

You can also search on here for that previous conversation to see what was said.
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