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How to deploy a patched version

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Posted 03 September 2010 - 13:33


we would like to deploy our updates as MSP patches, but I am not yet sure about how to deploy them.

If the "old" version has been installed, the user can double-click the .msp file or update.exe (yes, we are using InstallShield) or run msiexec /p Patch.msp

But how do I deploy a patched product to new users?
Can I somehow deploy the "old" version plus the patch with the effect that the new user gets the patched product?
Is there a built-in Windows Installer mechanism to achieve this?
Or do I need a custom action at the end of the UI sequence?
Or do I even need some external batch file or similar?

Or should I rather deploy a full installation of the "new" version to new users?

Are there any Best Practices for this?

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 07:52

In any case, you would have created a "minor upgrade capable" full setup for creating the patch. You can ship the full package for the new user in that case.

(If you have solid reasons for not doing the above)
I believe, its better to install the old version first and ask the user to click on the patch for the upgrade.

Or do I need a custom action at the end of the UI sequence?
Please understand about MUTEX and problems it may cause.
There are many issues in running the patch file from the main setup. You willl get some of the reasons for not doing so at these urls:

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