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Adding feature after installation

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Posted 26 June 2006 - 07:36

My setup has many features and for installation, feature list is depending on user license. Let say I have customer “A” want to purchase a license for 4 features, so I create a license that available (show) for 4 features. And then 1 month later customer “A” want to purchase additional 2 feature then I create a new license that available for 6 feature (4 + 2). What is the best way to handle this case?
I am thinking of these 2 possibilities:
1. Customer “A” uninstall the old setup and then run setup again or
2. I create another option on maintenance dialog, maybe called “Add feature” and dialog for input license key, so Customer “A” can re-run installation and type a new license key and then goes to feature selection.
May be you have experience with this so I am asking how is the best way or there is better method to do this, so please share with me. I really appreciate any suggestion from you. Thanks before.

Gareth at Serif

Gareth at Serif
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Posted 02 October 2006 - 14:32

I'm sure there are many methods of acheiving what you require, but I guess it all depends on the reasons for chopping the two features out of the main install. If size isn't an issue then I'd include all the files, components and features required for the full install, but leave the two 'bonus' features hidden with a higher Install Level.

Then, on the strength of two checkboxes (which enable fields for your licence key for validation), set a pair of CAs to alter the Install Level of those two features to 1 and then the user with get them on the initial install (if they're reinstalling having already obtained the licence keys) or on Modify if they choose to buy them later.

Make sure the files are compressed though :-)

Gareth at Serif