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WI Patch & Major Upgrade

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Posted 21 June 2004 - 17:47


My installation seems to be Major Upgrade, because of:

1. Component code always changed
2. Feature codes is not changed, or seldom changed.

I need to install additional component provided in patch, remove unneeded components, and usual remove all components when uninstall product.

I suppose that only approach to me reinstall whole feature.

Therefore next I try to apply a patch in target system:

msiexec /p inst.msi /n {GUID} REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus

WI Repository in target system is modified, but no component installed.
msiexec /p inst.msi /n {GUID} ADDLOCAL=ALL

WI Repository modified, all new components installed, but no old components removed.

Sure I can reinstall features manually:

msiexec /I {GUID} /REMOVE=Feature-List

Any feature from feature-list removed.
msiexec /p inst.msi /n {GUID} ADDLOCAL=Feature-List

Is the only way to me to reinstall features manually, using Feature-List?

How I need to reorganize my Windows Installer Database to make installation process more effective?

Thank you.
Sincerely your,
Anton Spitsyn

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 07:53

The correct way would be to install the new version without REINSTALL command line parameter. In order to remove obsolete components, i.e. uninstall the old version, you must populate the Upgrade table and make sure you have the RemoveExistingProducts action in your InstallExecute sequence.

In general it is recommended to ship Major Upgrades as full .msi packages, not as .msp patches


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 12:16

I did create major upgrade patches, but as Stefan says it is not generally a good idea.

A major upgrade is not really an upgrade as such, it is an uninstall and a new install. This is why you don't use the REINSTALL property (it is not a reinstall, but a new install).

See more info on major upgrades and patches here:
-Stein Åsmul