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Features probles

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Posted 09 May 2003 - 12:57

I have some problem when using extra feature in my developer project. There is my setting. I created a new feature for my template called MyCompanySpecs (feature A). Within that new feature, I created a component called "AssetRegData". Under the Registry Data section, I created keys and subkeys for logging purpose. For instance I create a key under HKLM\software\MyCompanyName\[ProductName] and assigned different information needed for us under the [ProductName] subkey such as version number, date and time propreties etc. When repackaging an application and attached my template to convert into my developer projet, I have two features. The one I created for logging purpose which is MyCompanySpecs (Feature A) and the one for my new product ProductNameNewFeature (Let's say Feature cool.gif.

The problem reside more during the installation with advertised switch (/jm or /ju) or with The assigning or publishing method in Active Directory. When using these method, my Feature A is not installed but only the Feature B is installed.

When installing the new productname.msi package manually (double clicking on it), The two features are installed.

Is someone can help me to understang why. To fix my problem, I moved my registry entry of my component AssetRegData (feature A) into the component RegistryData_Machine of my feature ProductNameNewFeature (feature cool.gif.

I only use the Basic UI interface when creating my packages.

Any Idea


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 09 May 2003 - 14:28

I suggest you generate a verbose log file of the install. It should tell you why Windows Installer decided not to install this feature.