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how to get an ID in Basic MSI Project ?

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Posted 05 June 2002 - 11:11

I have created a personnal custom Dialog in a Basic MSI Project in InstallShiel 7
I would like to use the function EzDefineDialog  in an action, but I don t know which ID of my custom dialog I must pass to this function.
Where can I find the custom Dialog ID?
Thanks for your help



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Posted 06 June 2002 - 00:26

If you would like to use the Resource ID, then you first need to set it. You can do this by following these simple steps:

1. Go to the Direct Editor under Advanced Views on the left-hand column.
2. Find your Custom Dialog Box under the Dialog Table.
3. The very last column is labeled ISResourceId. This is where you need to put a number that corresponds to your Dialog Box. Although it can be any number, I recommend going with something bigger than 2000 because many of the InstallShield Dialog boxes are in the 1000 range.

FYI: I have had some problems with EzDefineDialog and Basic Msi Projects. Another way to display your Custom Dialog is to do the following:

1. Create a property in the Advanced Views:Property Manager and give it a default value. (This is your global string variable.)
2. Set the property to a different value within your InstallScript code by using MsiSetProperty.
3. Add your Custom Dialog to the User Interface sequence roughly in the area you want to see it displayed.
4. Give your Custom Dialog a condition statement containing the property you declared earlier.

(For example: If I had a property named MyProperty set to 0, and I changed that to a 1 in the script, my conditional statement might look like this: MyProperty="1")