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Modal VBScript Dialog

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Posted 02 July 2002 - 14:31

I was using VBScript custom actions to display messages to the user.  However, I noticed that the installer UI is still active while the VBScript message box is displayed.  

The user doesn't HAVE TO click OK in order to be able to go to the installer screen.  Even if I make the message box system modal, the installer UI is still active.

How can I prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance,


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Posted 30 July 2002 - 22:07

I use this VB script custom action to pop up a critical message.

Dim Result
Result = MsgBox("My message", 16, "CompanyName")

It works fine, I can not continue without clicking on the OK button at first. The mouse pointer is a hourglass when it is placed in the MSI user interface area.

Best regards,
Irina Shirinsky
Software Engineer, Heroix Corporation