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What is ICE86???Not there in the help...

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Posted 21 February 2002 - 10:10

I created a simple setup in developer 7.0.
After building the setup,I validated.I got some warnings.But When I saw in the help for its descriptions it was not there.Till ICE79 is there in the help library.I got the following warning...

ICE86WarningProperty `AdminUser` found in column `ControlCondition`.`Condition` in row 'CustomerInformation'.'RadioGroup'.'Hide'.'NOT AdminUser'. `Privileged` property is often more appropriate.http://dartools/iceman/ice86.htmlControlConditionConditionCustomerInformationRadioGroupHideNOT AdminUser

Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 21 February 2002 - 12:26

It is in the current documentation.  If you have the MSDN library you can look up the msi docs within.  Or you can look up the MSDN online or download a later version of the msi documentation.

This ice is complaining that you are using the AdminUser property in a condition.  Msi allows ordinary user installation to be enhanced to allow Admin priveledges during the installation.  So ICE86 is telling you that the Privileged property could be better.

You can decide if this is true or not.   For instance if you are doing something that need elevated privileges then Privileged property is best.  On the other hand if you are installing a file only for admin users then AdminUser is best and you will have to tolerate the warning.