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CA after CostFinalize failing on Win98

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John O

John O
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Posted 26 May 2004 - 23:55

I have several installs that fail to work correctly on Windows 9x. I believe I understand why, but I'm not sure of the best way to resolve the problem.

-I need to install several files into a third party application directory (like a plug-in).
-My UI (which executes AFTER CostFinalize in the InstallUISequence) collects information on what options the user wishes to install.
-My Custom Action executes in the InstallExecuteSequence (BEFORE CostFinalize) where I modify certain properties to set conditions and directories that determine where or whether certain files are to be installed.

If I understand correctly, this works great on Win2K, etc. because CostFinalize is ALWAYS executed in the InstallExecuteSequence (because in a seperate process), but in 9x, the second call to CostFinalize is skipped (as Stefan K has previously discussed in this forum).

I've flailed about, trying to call MsiDoAction to call CostFinalize, or to call the directory custom actions seperately, but that fails (1626). I think I could write my own directory custom actions, but what about the conditions that are not getting re-evaluated.

Is there a simple way to get the conditions and properties re-evaluated? ...or am I on the wrong track. Thanks!!


MSI 2.0
Visual Studio Installer (with a lot of customization)

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 27 May 2004 - 11:52

There's no real solution if you're using conditions. But you could use AddLocal and Remove control events to change the feature selection after CostFinalize.

John O

John O
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Posted 27 May 2004 - 20:42

Thanks for the reply, Stefan. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it sounds like my design is flawed (and unworkable on 9x).