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Web Installs - Can't get them working

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Posted 13 December 2001 - 17:30

Has anyone gotten web installs working?  Or is it just me?

Here's the desired functionality:
We have a product that has an extensive set of optional extras (features).

We want the user to download just the setup.exe and .msi, and then have the option to choose what they want under Custom Install.  Then the install continues to download and install the selected features (from the seperate CAB files Dev7 creates).

Has anyone gotten this working?  Anyone have similar problems?

I'm using Standard setup, but would be happy to hear about anything that works.

Mario Noack

Mario Noack
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Posted 17 December 2001 - 12:52

I don't understand your problem? What error occurs?


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Posted 20 December 2001 - 16:51

In short:
1) build as "Install From The Web" and install via FTP = broken.
2) build as anything else = works

Long version:

Here's a copy of the full request for support I made from 10/10/2001:  (at the time we were at 7.00, but it's been the same through 7.02)


Product Name: InstallShield Developer
Product Version: 7.0
Agreement Number:

System Identification - Operating System: Windows 2000
System Identification - Language: English

Detailed description of the problem : Can not get Standard: Web releases working at all.


1) use 2 machines on the same network.  One will be an FTP server.  In my case, Windows ME is the FTP server and Win2k is the development/test machine with Developer on it.

2) Put an FTP program on the "server".  I wouldn't expect the exact program to matter, but I'm using CesarFTP 0.99b which is freeware at www.aclogic.com

3) Configure the FTP program to allow for Anonymous FTP to a specific directory.  This is where we'll put the final web install for testing.

4) in Developer, create a new project with the Project Wizard.

5) Name = Your Project Name-1.  Next...

6) Standard Project.   Next...

7) Defaults for Application Name, Application Version, Destination Folder...  Next...

8) Defaults for next screen:  Your Company Name, Help Telephone, etc...

9) just English for languages   Next...

10) Delete all features but Default Program and leave it to install to [INSTALLDIR].  Next...

11) On the next screen, drag and drop the following under DefaultProgram:

12) no shortcuts on the next screen.  Just hit next.

13) no registry data.  Hit next.

14) default dialogs.  Hit next.

15) uncheck Build a release and finish.

16) now Build > Release wizard

17) Product Configuration 1.  Next.

18) Release 1.  Next.

19) no release flags. next

20) just english.  next

21) media type = Web.  Check Show Advanced web settings.  Next

22) Install from the web.  Next

23) next you enter in your FTP information.  To be sure it's working, go to the server machine and put a text file in the folder where you default "anonymous" to on the server.  On the development system, go to Start >
Run >  (<== use the proper information here) and make sure you see the text file immediately.  If you have it configured so you need an extra directory like, then properly enter that into the "URL to install files from the Web:" dialog.  Check "one CAB per component" also.   Next...

24) do NOT check "Generate a One-Click install".  Next

25) check all 4 boxes on the next screen.  ("Have..., Have..., Delay..., Suppress..." all checked)  Next

26) download engine from web.  Default URL's there.  Next...

27) Download engine from web.  Default URL again.  Next

28) do NOT sign Setup.exe.     Next...

29) no password.  no copyright.    Next...

30) leave ONLY "Use long file names" checked.  Next....

31) Build and then copy all the files to the folder for Anonymous FTP on the server system.

32) Again on Developer system Start > Run > to make sure you can see everything.

33) copy just the Setup.exe to your desktop and then run it (this simulates the user downloading the setup.exe from a website and then running it).

**********PROBLEMS START HERE**********

34) the install starts to download Default.msi, but never completes.

35) Error message comes up>  1628: Failed to complete installation.

36) Note that it seems to think Default.msi is 4194303 bytes in size, although it's nearly 1/4th that.

37) if you run the full MSI validation on it, there are no problems


Here's the lame reply I got on 12/7/2001:

Error 1628 is a general error message, which has several causes.  Can you
please log your installation so that I can get a better idea of why you are
receiving this error?  For further information on how to long a standard
based install, please refer to our knowledge base, which can be found at:


and search for article ID Q105237.  Please let me know the results.  Thank


My company is no longer interested in this avenue, anyway, so I'm going to drop it.  As far as I've seen, it's still broken for anyone who cares....