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SOS ! More ISD 7.02 question (lamer or not ?)

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Posted 06 March 2002 - 16:08

Hello !

Please help me !
I must create more Setups.
I trying with WISE, and ISD 7.02, but cannot do this not
too special functions.

I have more projects. I must install these applications,
with InterBase 6.0. Some setups are multilanguaged,
some not.

The questions:

I must install InterBase. The IB have it's owned installer,
and it is check more things (server state, etc.).
The common setup not allowed to start an application
after the installing.
I need this function, because the users forgets the
install of IB, and the application cannot work without it.
How I start this IBsetup.exe  after the installation ?

I must set some registry values after install.
Applications need to be found keys in registry with the
install or setup destination dir.
I cannot found a way to set these values in registry !
How can I do this ?

In the installed packages I have more databases. If I install
the application, I must install these db-s, but only if in the
destination path don't exists these files.
I must only add, not replace !
In uninstall I MUST not do delete these files.

How can I set these file properties to: "only add", and
"cannot uninstall it" ?

Bonus plus:
I must install the IBServer if it not running in the machine.
I must execute the external installer, If IB does not exists.
It is only a USER.DLL.FindWindow calling. How can I do this ?

In the first, I write only this questions. More in later.

Plesase help me ! I must create setups in little interval !


My email address is kepes@peto.hu
You may send an email msg to me - to make first aid on my problem.


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 06 March 2002 - 17:50

1) You can launch an executable as a custom action at the end of your setup, e.g. from the Finish dialog. If you are using the Standard project type in ISD you can also do this in script in function OnEnd. Remeber to put the correct conditions on it, so it doesn't execute during uninstall. You probably also don't want to execute it during modify or repair.

2) You can set registry entries during installation. To store the installation directory use [INSTALLDIR]. Any property name in square brackets will resolve to the proerty value.

3) Mark these components as "never overwrite" and "permanent".

4) You can call a DLL function directly a custom action, or from InstallScript.


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Posted 07 March 2002 - 10:41

Thanx for your answers, I try it not too late.

But I have problem with more agressive error...

The steps for reproduce it:

I create new normal setup.
I set all of general infos. I dragndrop all files from InterBase Server Setup directory. Dragndrop all of the subdirectories.

I build it.

When I launch the setup, it create inner error (2318), and it have terminate setup.

I think, the problem is the setup.exe in then IB directory, and I rename it, but it is not working...

Why it is create errors ????

Thanx for helps.


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Posted 07 March 2002 - 12:44

Ok, I over the problems, but have new...


I must create services after running setup.
I find this function in components: Install NT Services.

But: never I see the line of executable file of service.
I see the list, but anywhere I search, I not found the service exe path property...


I cannot see, where the function, about you say (OnEnd).
I see sequences list, but does not exists this function/sequence/???.

Sorry for more blabla, and questions, but I MUST CREATE SETUP IN ANY WAY.

You not have an example from this thing ? If you have, please send to my email.

Special thanx !!!!