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ActiveX DLL in Version9X

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Posted 27 April 2001 - 19:29

My company is switching from using Wise InstallBuilder to Wise Installer for Windows.  This is due to an ongoing NT 5 project.  We have approximately 4500 machines which will need to be upgraded to NT 5 (aka Windows 2000) over the next year.  As such we wish to create our msi packages so that our custom ActiveX DLL files are placed in the \SYSTEM directory under Win9x  and in the INSTALLDIR directory under Windows 2K.  

The only way we've been able to successfully do this is by creating two files and using one or the other based on Version9X or VersionNT.  

Has anybody done this using a duplicate file?

Kai Ponte
County of San Bernardino


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Posted 30 April 2001 - 08:24

I think the way You do it is the only correct way to install this two files. What do You mean with duplicate files, to use the same file for the Windows9x and Windows NT / 2000 installation ?
You might get problems when someone is upgrading its machine from Windows9x to Windows 2000 and reruns the setup in order to get the Windows2000 specific files on its computer.
You should mark this two components as transitive components to avoid such problems.