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1607 on XP

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Posted 02 July 2002 - 15:50

We have a user of our product reporting this 1607 problem.

os: Windows XP Home

We have used the 7.02 installshield version.

The product is on the market. How can we help our costumers who get the error message????

Thanks for any help!


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Posted 25 July 2002 - 11:47

the 1607 error message is listed as: "the following applications should be closed before continuing the install:".  

does it provide a list of applications ( or even one ) that it thinks should be closed?  it seems the installer might be concerned that an application already running is interferring with the installation.  as usual close all unnecessary applications and see it that helps.  if not it might be a service that has some of the files locked up...