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Standard project and Windows 2000

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Posted 21 January 2002 - 17:35

We've been having some other problems with our install program.  If someone tries to run an install on a windows 2000 system without administrator privileges, we get errors.   I found a single post (on installshield.developer7.general, IIRC) where someone said that Standard installs always require admin access on Win2k, and he seemed to be quoting something.  Is this something that's documented somewhere?  I can't seem to find anything, but the problem he was describing was exactly the same situation we're encountering now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

--Chris Salter


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Posted 21 January 2002 - 18:05

Answering my own question here.  The original author of the post I read emailed me.  Here's the link:


And here's what he quoted.  It came from someone inside InstallShield, but neither Barry nor I can find the source, or even whether it's an actual support document.  It seems to be.  

"Setups created with Standard project types cannot be run without
administrative privileges.  Setups created with Basic MSI project types
can be run without Administrative privileges provided that the setup
itself does not access restricted areas of the machine (System32
directory, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive, etc).  You can circumvent the
administrative privileges requirement in either case if the .msi package
is published or advertised through Active Directory on Windows 2000 server
in a managed environment."

If anyone can shed more light on this -- is there more to the bug, is there a workaround, etc -- we would really appreciate it.  Thanks again!