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**Error -4101: Error adding list box ListBox**

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Posted 05 June 2001 - 12:28


I just placed a List Box on a dialog via Dialog Editor within ISWI2.03(the
Proprety of the List Box is ListBox),and then added several items into this
List Box...

When I built the setup project,I got the following error: Error -4101: Error
adding list box ListBox.

And then I removed this List Box,built this project again,but this error
info. still appeared !!


Any ideas? Thanks!


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Posted 13 August 2001 - 12:35

Hi Joe,

I had same problem with ListView.
You must create new list box in any dialog with same propertiy ( as old list box property name).And after that remove all list items from dialog editor.
I hope it should help you.