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Delay MSI Engine Reboot Fails

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Theresa Perez

Theresa Perez
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Posted 31 January 2002 - 13:39


I am using IS Dev 7.02

I build my project without the option "Delay MSI Engine Reboot Fails" thinking that once my project detects that the PC doesn't have the Windows Installer service or has lower version, it will reboot before continuing my setup.

I test this on a freshly installed 98 but nothing happens. The rebooting is done at the end of the installation thus the self-register functionality of IS DEV fails (I have lots of self-register Dlls that I statically link since dynamic link is hopeless)

I really need to reboot first before continuing or else my program will not work, since I think lots of MSI function that I am using will not work porperly, unless the MSI service is installed first.

Please help.


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 03 February 2002 - 08:24

On a fresh 98 a reboot may not be required after installing the msi engine (it depends on several factors). Anyway I don't see how that would affect your self registration problems.

Theresa Perez

Theresa Perez
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Posted 04 February 2002 - 03:18

My program is installing many DLLs that needs to be registered.
I've tried using both the COM Server in the component wizard to register them,
and the Self-Register option, to no avail.

I made a test program, just installing the MSI Service and reboot.
Then I run my real program. It works! The DLLs are registered - both works if i
use the COM Server or self-registration options.

So I came to a conclusion that the PC needs to be reboot first if there is no
WIS service before it can continue, thus it can work properly.

This has not been a problem in previous version of MSI. It always reboot on a 95/98 and WInNT fresh machines before it continues.

So, is there any way that I can either reboot the PC first before it continues, or sort of activating the service so that it always work.