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Setup.exe removes the product when run second time

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Posted 26 March 2002 - 21:28

installshield product used: IPWI 2.0

After our product is installed, if i double click on setup.exe again, it Uninstalls the product.

Is there a way to either:-

1. Prevent the uninstallation, and give a msg saying "Please uninstall from Control Panel before re-installling this product."
2. Follow the uninstallation by Installation.

This situation could arise if the product does not work as expected and user decides to install it again (without Unstalling it first), so he double clicks on setup.exe again.

Please let me know if this can be done.
This is urgent.



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Posted 28 March 2002 - 21:28

Hi suvidha,
Don't you prompt user a maintainance dialog if product is already installed?
I mean once user install product and he again run setup.exe,
installer should prompt for mainta. dialog which will give option for Modify,reapai or remove.
How it could directly uninstall product?

Or It might be that in interface design you set behaviour in such a way that after running setup again it will directly go to Remove product dialog and uninstall product.

Hope this long talk help ya..